Sunday, February 23, 2014

SuperheroesOnTheRun Toronto Fall 2010

I have been doing the Mr. Incredible for a few years now. Then work sent me to Toronto, for a couple of months, so I brought along my super suit in case there was a race that I could do. But alas... my hours of work prevented me from doing any morning races. So I did the next best thing... go sightseeing in the City of Toronto.

I donned my super suit and hit the public transportation with the help of Kathy (a Toronto resident). Besides seeing the sights I RAN into so many wonderful people in Toronto. They were asking for a photo with me, which gave me an idea...a photograph with them for my FB page.

I call this montage "My Incredible Toronto Friends!" Enjoy and I hope we can get a photo together.

Thursday, February 20, 2014

When It All Started

When did it all start? It was before "Superhero on the Run."

I use to run 8-9 minute miles, and run 10 miles every Friday, back in 2005. Everyone use to say, "You should do a marathon." I thought I was not able to do it. Then I happen to see Disneyland was having an Inaugural Half Marathon in September 2006. I figured, what the hell and signed up for it. Then it occurred to me... why not make the half marathon fun and dress in costume. But what costume could I be? I didn't have the physique for Superman, did want to wear a mask like Batman or Spider Man. I put on my thinking cap... I was a Disney Fanatic. WAIT! Mr. Incredible and NO CAPE. There are many variations of Mr. Incredible from super fit to super overweight. So no matter my "physique" I can be him. lol


Thursday, February 13, 2014