Friday, June 27, 2014

Travel day to Charleston WV for BLRW Half Marathon.

#superheroesontherun (#mrincredible & #wonderwoman) left the #Detroit area around 10am. Hitting the road in #smartcar. Did a rest stop @ #timhortons in #ohio. Ón or way to #biggestloserrunwalk #halfmarathon #charlestonwv.

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Motor City Comic Con - 25th Anniversary

Well it has been awhile since Superheroes On The Run has updated our blog. Why you may ask? My laptop got a serious computer virus. It did create major problems on all my programs.

At first I tried to Google and clean off the virus. I was NOT successful. So I took it to a professional. They got rid of the virus and I now have a paid virus protection plan.

Let me bring you up to speed on what Superheroes On The Run has been doing while the laptop was being 'de-virused'.

In mid-May, Karen (Wonder Woman) and I (Mr. Incredible) attended the 25th Anniversary of the Motor City Comic Con, held at the Suburban Collection Showplace in Novi, MI.

Since we bought our tickets online for Sunday only and able to get into the expo 30 minutes earlier than general admission. Of course we wore our SUPER suits!

We wanted to visit and look at each and every vendor in the expo. I was looking for something for my son. He is into Superman. I didn't know exactly what I was looking for, but I would know it when I see it.

As we stopped by each table, other guests, both in and out of costume, would ask for a photo op. We were always happy to do so. About a third of the way through the 'window' shopping, we ran into Ryan.

We met Ryan about 4 years ago at our first time visiting a comic con. Since then Ryan has become a Facebook friend.

Terry Kiser (Weekend at Bernies)

Lee Majors (Six Million Dollar Man / The Fall Guy)

Milo Ventimiglia (Heroes - Peter / Rocky's son in Rocky V)

Robert Hays (Ted Styker - Airplane)

Burt Young (Rocky)

Thursday, May 8, 2014

Grand Rapids Marathon REGISTERED

I am offically in! Superheroes On The Run will be at the Grand Rapids Marathon event. I (Mr Incredible) will be doing the half marathon. #SupersOnTheRun

Sunday, April 27, 2014

Casting Call for Batman vs Superman movie being film in Detroit

We at Superheroes on the Run Put the FUN and Run and the SPICE in LIFE. Today is a SPICE day! Karen and I waited in line, over 3 hours, at the Somerset Inn (Troy, MI) to possibly have a chance to be a 'paid' extra for the upcoming movie by Warner's Batman vs Superman.
We arrived a little before 2:00 pm and the line was cut-off at 3:00 pm. After the 3 o'clock hour, Warner's Casting in Detroit began to handout 'applications.' The only way to get in after cut-off time was by having an application. I received my app and notice a 4 digit number in the upper right hand corner. Oh so close... almost the say number as my Planet Fitness member number. DING! An idea occurred to me... a guy a few spots behind me had the application with eh same number at my PF member number. I asked to trade and he did. Now my Warner Bros Casting Call Application Number is 2953... identical to my Planet Fitness membership number. I need all the help I can get to have a shot as an extra for the movie.

Finally we were able to make it to the auditorium to listen for final instructions about the application. Fill it out completely as possible and legibly. So I put my 'drafting-style' printing to work filling out each and every line. At the bottom they asked if "you" have any other talents. I wrote juggling but left off Former Skydiver, Former SCUBA diver and Former Figure Skater. After handing the app... I thought I should have included my expertise/skills with MS Excel and MS PowerPoint. lol

The woman in this picture with me, a selfie of course, is in charge of the Warner Bros  Detroit Casting Call Event. She must have been tired by the end of the day repeating the same thing over and over.  She was polite enough to take a selfie with me during her hectic schedule.

I took a picture of Karen handing in her app for a chance as an extra.  We found out they were looking for 6,000 paid extras to work between June and Mid-November. If I get chosen I will be burning all my vacation time from work to be a part of this project.

One more side note... in the application they asked if you had a car that might be used for the movie. I said, sure why not, you can use my 2008 smart fortwo (at $10 a day rate as stated by Warners).

We will find out within a few weeks we Karen or I will be ask to be extras for the movie. So stand by for an update... either good or bad.

Mark "Mr. Incredible" Carlson
Today...Putting the SPICE in LIFE!

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Goofy Race and a Half Challenge 2015

Registration at openned today at Noon ET. Wonder Woman (Karen) and Mr. Incredible (Mark) are now registered and will be there. Join us.. #SupersOnTheRun

Sunday, March 30, 2014

FLASHBACK: Rock & Roll Christmas Extravaganza with The Incredibles 12 17 2010


December 17, 2010 I happen to hear that a band called "The Incredibles Band" was playing locally. I quickly called Wonder Woman on my Incredible phone and asked if she wanted to go out for the evening? She said, "Yes." I then told her to "Suit Up!" Whenever I ask her to suit up she knows its going to be a FUN adventure!

We met, Wonder Woman jumped into my Incredible-mobile and off we went. We arrived at Tavern at Tina's Country House in Macomb, Michigan. The band was playing and the place was packed and jumping! We ease our way into the crowd, trying to be inconspicuous (lol). More and more patrons started to notice us. We posed for a few pictures but I really wanted to get a photo with The Incredibles Band. Us Incredibles have to stick together.

The band leader, Keven James Golden (drummer) asked if we would come up on stage for a 'number' with the band. The emcee, Darren Dowler (striped shirt - plays with the band "Paul Revere and the Raiders" and the Crossing Guard in the movie "Hancock') introduced us to the crowd. Wonder Woman and I had a blast with everyone.

At the end of the evening/night we all were talking. Keven wanted to know my real name. I told him... come to find out we were in junior high band together back in 7th, 8th and 9th grade. Keven went on to form a band called the Incredibles and I became Incredible (lol). Then Keven began to introduce Wonder Woman and I to other people at Tavern at Tina's Country House. WOW... flashback! Quite a few of the people we met... were people that I graduated with from high school. What a small world!

The night ended, we said our 'good byes.' It was great seeing Keven again after all these years. So when you out having fun, 25 plus years later, look around... you just may be having fun with your high school friends!

Here is a YouTube clip from that night. A one point I was trying to create a group of people (rCharacter) who like to get dressed up and have fun. With my crazy work schedule it was difficult to get up and running. So from, Karen And Mark decided to create Superheroes On The Run. Since that is what we do the most. See you at a race.

Saturday, March 29, 2014

Run Disney Avengers Super Heroes Half Marathon Weekend

On Tuesday, March 25, 2014, Karen and I we sitting by our laptops waiting... waiting for Noon (EDT). That is when Run Disney would open registration for the Avengers Super Heroes Half Marathon. Then when the hands of the clock were pointing straight up, Karen and I we feverishly clicking... clicking... refreshing... until the "register" button appeared on the Run Disney website.

Once the button appear we each click to the registration page. We proceeded to register for the half marathon. WOW... $195 just for the half marathon. But I figured it was an inaugural race so I justified the cost in my mind. We were finally registered by 12:14 PM EDT.

I asked Karen if she was interested in registering for the Avengers Super Heroes 5k Run, the day before the half marathon. She passed on the opportunity. I figured since I was out in Disneyland, for that weekend, this would be a one and done weekend.

So I went back to Run Disney's website to click on the registration button for the 5k. A click here.. key taps there... finally I hit accept and was officially registered for the 5k and the half was already completed.

Later that evening, I received a few texts messages about the races that weekend. They were FULL! The half marathon reached  capacity at 1 hour 53 minutes. Good thing I didn't wait until after work to register. But what really caught my attention was the 5k. It sold out in 23 minutes. I made it in just under the wire and the race was an after thought for me.

So we are in... made hotel reservations already. Next will be airfare, still trying to deciding which airlines to choose. If I fly United, I get an automatic bump to business class. But the flight will take 8 hours because we have to fly through a 'hub'. There are others out there that are non stop and about $50 cheaper. Still deciding...

I may not win the race...
I may not finish 1st in my age group...
but I will always have an Incredible time!


Sunday, February 23, 2014

SuperheroesOnTheRun Toronto Fall 2010

I have been doing the Mr. Incredible for a few years now. Then work sent me to Toronto, for a couple of months, so I brought along my super suit in case there was a race that I could do. But alas... my hours of work prevented me from doing any morning races. So I did the next best thing... go sightseeing in the City of Toronto.

I donned my super suit and hit the public transportation with the help of Kathy (a Toronto resident). Besides seeing the sights I RAN into so many wonderful people in Toronto. They were asking for a photo with me, which gave me an idea...a photograph with them for my FB page.

I call this montage "My Incredible Toronto Friends!" Enjoy and I hope we can get a photo together.

Thursday, February 20, 2014

When It All Started

When did it all start? It was before "Superhero on the Run."

I use to run 8-9 minute miles, and run 10 miles every Friday, back in 2005. Everyone use to say, "You should do a marathon." I thought I was not able to do it. Then I happen to see Disneyland was having an Inaugural Half Marathon in September 2006. I figured, what the hell and signed up for it. Then it occurred to me... why not make the half marathon fun and dress in costume. But what costume could I be? I didn't have the physique for Superman, did want to wear a mask like Batman or Spider Man. I put on my thinking cap... I was a Disney Fanatic. WAIT! Mr. Incredible and NO CAPE. There are many variations of Mr. Incredible from super fit to super overweight. So no matter my "physique" I can be him. lol


Thursday, February 13, 2014