Sunday, April 27, 2014

Casting Call for Batman vs Superman movie being film in Detroit

We at Superheroes on the Run Put the FUN and Run and the SPICE in LIFE. Today is a SPICE day! Karen and I waited in line, over 3 hours, at the Somerset Inn (Troy, MI) to possibly have a chance to be a 'paid' extra for the upcoming movie by Warner's Batman vs Superman.
We arrived a little before 2:00 pm and the line was cut-off at 3:00 pm. After the 3 o'clock hour, Warner's Casting in Detroit began to handout 'applications.' The only way to get in after cut-off time was by having an application. I received my app and notice a 4 digit number in the upper right hand corner. Oh so close... almost the say number as my Planet Fitness member number. DING! An idea occurred to me... a guy a few spots behind me had the application with eh same number at my PF member number. I asked to trade and he did. Now my Warner Bros Casting Call Application Number is 2953... identical to my Planet Fitness membership number. I need all the help I can get to have a shot as an extra for the movie.

Finally we were able to make it to the auditorium to listen for final instructions about the application. Fill it out completely as possible and legibly. So I put my 'drafting-style' printing to work filling out each and every line. At the bottom they asked if "you" have any other talents. I wrote juggling but left off Former Skydiver, Former SCUBA diver and Former Figure Skater. After handing the app... I thought I should have included my expertise/skills with MS Excel and MS PowerPoint. lol

The woman in this picture with me, a selfie of course, is in charge of the Warner Bros  Detroit Casting Call Event. She must have been tired by the end of the day repeating the same thing over and over.  She was polite enough to take a selfie with me during her hectic schedule.

I took a picture of Karen handing in her app for a chance as an extra.  We found out they were looking for 6,000 paid extras to work between June and Mid-November. If I get chosen I will be burning all my vacation time from work to be a part of this project.

One more side note... in the application they asked if you had a car that might be used for the movie. I said, sure why not, you can use my 2008 smart fortwo (at $10 a day rate as stated by Warners).

We will find out within a few weeks we Karen or I will be ask to be extras for the movie. So stand by for an update... either good or bad.

Mark "Mr. Incredible" Carlson
Today...Putting the SPICE in LIFE!

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